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roughnecks chemicals & brushes

Our range of roughneck products includes biodegradable chemicals, showerfeed scrub brushes, pads from recycled products and brooms for dry sweeper machines. All roughneck products are designed to help you get the best from your cleaning machine in every application with lower environmental impacts. For advice on products to suit your cleaning machine, simply contact us


roughnecks chemicals

We've looked to bring you products that clean effectively first time eliminating the need for a second cleaning pass for increased productivity and energy conservation. All our chemicals use the most biodegradable materials so you can clean sustainably. Contact us to find out what chemicals best suit your cleaning needs.

Toughscrub is our advanced scrubber-dryer detergent with a super strength formulation for the removal of grease and grime. It is excellent for engineering shop floors, warehousing and distribution facilities and is unperfumed for use in food storage areas.
Multiscrub is a concentrate specially formulated for use through scrubber-dryers. The rapid action cleans thoroughly in one pass of the machine and being biodegradable, waste can be handled more easily. Multiscrub is ideal for use in food storage areas, factories and warehouses.
Neutrascrub has a boosted soil suspending formula which gives a fast clean finish. With a pleasant lemon fragrance and an almost neutral pH, this detergent is superb for shopping malls, terrazzo floors, daily cleaning of metallised polish on stone of vinyl flooring.
Saniscrub combines the qualities of both a powerful detergent and an odourless biocide. While removing grease and soiling from the floor, saniscrub kills pathogens making it an ideal product for use in kitchens, food factories, bakeries and abattoirs. Taint-free, microbiological action gets floors clean and sanitised thoroughly.
Steriscrub a highly concentrated cleaner and sanitiser which is ideal for food plants. The product has been fully tested with proven effectiveness against Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria, and disperses and dissolves fats, blood stains, shortenings in food processing/catering.
Defoamer is an additive specially formulated to control detergent foam in the scrubber-dryer recovery tank. Defoamer helps protect vacuum motors from foam ingress thus extending the motor life.

Diamond Pads

roughnecks floor pads

Diamond impregnated pads restore, maintain and polish concrete and natural stone floors using just water. The mechanical cleaning action of billions of diamonds on each pad cut through grime fast and leave a deeper shine on your floor. 4 different grades are available in 16 sizes to fit any automatic floor scrubber. Each pad is constructed from recycled plastic bottles for total life sustainability. Contact us to find out what pad system best suits your cleaning needs.

Scrub Brushes

roughnecks brushes

Roughneck brushes encompass a variety of abrasive qualities and sizes allowing us to identify exactly the right brush for your requirements. Regular filaments in the disc brushes range from 0.6mm to 1.8mm with other bristles including natural fibre being available. The StrataGrit brush features abrasives dispersed throughout the thickness of the filament meaning it can adapt to floor contours and crevices resulting in powerful cleaning and a longer life. Contact us to find out what brush best suits your cleaning needs.

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