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Ride on combination machines sweep, scrub and dry floors simultaneously for increased productivity and fast coverage of large areas. Powerful cleaning action and advanced technology delivers outstanding results in demanding applications.

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Power Source: Diesel/LPG/Petrol
Cleaning Width: 1570mm/1520mm
Hopper Capacity: 40litres
Tank Capacity: 380litres


Power Source: Diesel/LPG
Cleaning Width: 1600mm
Hopper Capacity: 260litres
Tank Capacity: 300litres


Power Source: Battery/Hybrid Diesel/Hybrid LPG
Cleaning Width: 1540mm
Hopper Capacity: 198litres
Tank Capacity: 285litres


Power Source: Diesel/LPG/Petrol
Cleaning Width: 1520mm
Hopper Capacity: 454litres
Tank Capacity: 380litres

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What makes a great combined sweeper/scrubber-dryer?

There are lots of different things that make a really great industrial sweeper/scrubber-dryer, but the first is separate sweep and scrub functions for uncompromised cleaning performance and to keep dry debris separate from wet solution.

The sweep path of a combined sweeper/scrubber-dryer should always be significantly wider than the scrubbing path to avoid loose debris getting missed by the sweep element and catching in the squeegee bar causing it to streak. Separate sweep and scrub functions help keep the dust filter free of moisture for maximum dust control.

A truly industrial sweeper/scrubber-dryer has disc rather than cylindrical scrubbing brushes to deliver higher scrubbing pressure, more surface contact and lower wear for powerful cleaning.

Being a multifunctional machine, combined sweeper/scrubber-dryers can be used both indoors and outdoors so good ground clearance is important to avoid fouling or damaging components or wearing parts on uneven surfaces.