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TOPFLOOR Tandem Roller Sweep (TRS) System

TOPFLOOR Tandem Roller Sweep (TRS) System

TRS - TOPFLOOR Tandem Roller Sweep System

Topfloor sweepers with TRS offer you higher dust control, increased productivity and cleaner sweeping results.

Topfloor Tandem Roller Sweep (TRS) system

All Topfloor sweepers incorporate the TRS system. Sweepers with TRS have two main brooms spanning the width of the machine which contra-rotate to create a far more powerful action. Sweeping is faster and more effective with TRS because both fine dust and heavy debris, such as pallet blocks or bottles, can be efficiently swept in one pass.

3 year warranty

Each Topfloor sweeper is installed with a 3 year warranty on all components excluding wear parts. This gives you greater peace of mind and leaves you free to focus on core business activities. The Topfloor warranty is the fruit of an insistence on component quality, meticulous attention to detail and decades of manufacturing experience. The unmistakable hallmark of Teutonic precision and engineering makes Topfloor synonymous with demanding industrial applications.

Up to 45% increase in filter cleaning efficiency

Topfloor sweepers boast a filter cleaning mechanism that clears ingrained dust from the filter more effectively.

  1. Discs fixed at close intervals on the shaker bar locate between the ribs on the clean side of the filter.
  2. As the shaker bar is moved from side to side, each ribis shaken and dust drops out of the filter into the hopper unimpeded by any shaker mechanism on the underside of the filter.

Collect bigger debris

Unlike standard sweepers, Topfloor sweepers with TRS don’t need a flap in front of the brushes. This allows bigger debris and sheets of paper to reach the sweep brooms for effective collection.

Sweep everything first time

Brooms on ride-on Topfloor sweepers have 2 rows of bristles. The first row ensures bulkier debris is collected. Dust is then trapped with the second row to deliver a clean sweep each and every time.

Greater sweep efficiency

V-shaped brooms throw debris into the centre of the hopper.This makes optimum use of hopper capacity and leaves a perfectly clean floor after one pass.

Superior edge sweeping

All Topfloor sweepers have two side brushes. The retracting side brush system means you can clean right up to pallet edges with less damage risk.

Double the hopper capacity

Forward throw sweepers can only use approximately 35% of the total hopper volume. Topfloor sweepers with TRS use around 75% of the total hopper volume for more time sweeping and less time emptying.

Longer running time

Run the TF110R-TRS for 5 hours on one charge. Maintenance free batteries and extended battery run time options help ensure your Topfloor sweeper is ready to work whenever you need it.

Higher air flow rates

Airflow rates of up to 12,000 m3 /hr and L class polyester filters capture dust particles with an occupational exposure limit of greater than 1mg/m 3 .

Safer Operation

The operator is situated at the front of ride-on sweepers with TRS. This makes for safer operation in busy work places.

What difference does Huuvan® ACS Filtration deliver?

What difference does Huuvan® ACS Filtration deliver?

What’s Dangerous about Dusts Exhausted from a Vacuum?

Dusts exhausted from an industrial vacuum aren’t visible to the naked eye, but can be hazardous to health if inhaled into the lungs and airways of operators and co-workers. Regularly breathing in even a small amount of airborne dusts on construction sites or factories can result in damage to lungs and airways leading to cancer, silicosis or COPD. Unfortunately by the time operators notice an issue, it’s often too late to rectify because it results from cumulative exposure. Huuvan® ACS vacuums offer the highest level of protection when cleaning, emptying and servicing throughout the life of the machine.

Huuvan® ACS (Automatic Cleaning System)

Huuvan® ACS (Automatic Cleaning System)

The Unique Advantage for Vacuuming in High Dust Environments

Huuvan® vacuums with ACS (patented technology) guarantee high quality ongoing dust free cleaning in high dust environments. Unlike other vacuums, Huuvan® vacuums with ACS automatically self clean the filters continuously during use.This facilitates ongoing dust free cleaning and protection of your workforce. Cleaner filters also increase airflow to the vacuum motors to extend life of the motors and reduce costs of ownership.

Step 1 Cyclone technology allows heavier dusts to loose speed and drop into the bin.

Step 2 Metal sleeves protect filters from abrasive material and preventing rapid filter clogging when vacuuming high volumes of fine dust.

Step 3Multi layered H-Class filters collect sub- micron dusts to 99.9995% efficiency. Filter layers include conductive HEPA H14 media to dissipate electrostatic charge.

Step 4 Filters are automatically cleaned on a continuous cycle during use, to maintain vacuum and filter performance simultaneously in high dust environments.

ACS is the preferred choice of vacuum extractor for floor grinding contractors as ACS maintains dust free performance at the most demanding level.

Container Collection Systems

Container Collection Systems

Huuvan® vacuums are available with two different container collection systems: either with standard bin container or Longopac bag system to suit your specific application.

Suitable for applications where:

  • Dusts being vacuumed are potentially hazardous to health
  • Once the dust is vacuumed, operators never come in contact with it again
  • Clear bags mean users can quickly see when the bag needs emptying20mtr continuous feed system means fast empty for continued cleaning

Suitable for applications where:

  • Once the dust is vacuumed, operators never come in contact
  • Dusts are not considered hazardous to health
  • Water or liquids are being collected

How does longopac work?

Longopac is perfect for dust sensitive environments: the self-seal bag system protects users from exposure to dust when emptying the vacuum