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Preparation with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…


The Topfloor Oscillating Floor Cleaning method is ideal for preparing surfaces!
Examples include sanding/roughening a coated floor and removing coatings or glue residue. The machines are also often used to prepare PVC floors or remove an old PU finish so that a new finish can be applied. For this, we use bonded diamond pads, aluminum oxide pads, open-structure pads and sanding paper. For preparation work, the choice of weight is often decisive for the speed and quality of the work. A higher pressure often gives a better result.

Since preparation work is often carried out dry, we recommend using the Dust Control Vacuum with the Splash & Dust Guard.



Type of floor Process Pad Weights
Coated concrete
PVC floor
cast floor
Grinding and roughening hard surfaces
(very abrasive)
Sia Sandpaper 100 grit  4 to 6 sets
Grinding and roughening hard surfaces (abrasive) Diamant pad Red  4 to 6 sets
Removing PU
(very abrasive)
 Sia Sandpaper 100 grit  4 sets
Removing PU (abrasive)  Diamant pad Red  4 tot 6 sets
Removing PU
(slightly abrasive)
 Strip Alu pad  4 tot 6 sets
Removing glue residue
(very abrasive)
 Sia Sandpaper 60 grit  4 tot 6 sets

Sanding & Finishing

Sanding & Finishing with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…

The oscillating floor cleaning method makes it possible for a professional cleaner to treat a wooden floor. Thanks to the perfect balance and consistent pressure and movement, the risk of damage or of the method not being performed correctly are considerably reduced. Oscillating floor cleaning machines can be used to clean, sand and finish wooden floors. Always use the Dust Control Vacuum together with the Splash and Dust Guard to work without creating dust into the atmosphere to protect people from inhaling the dust.


In general, using the oscillating floor cleaning method requires less water than other methods. That is certainly an advantage for wooden floors, since they are often sensitive to moisture. Depending on how dirty the floor is, use either the Soft Micropad or the Hard Micropad to clean the floor. Moisten the pad until it is damp. Use the pad to clean approximately 40 m2/47.9yd2 and then turn it over. After use, the pads can be washed (make sure not to use a softening agent).


Sanding wooden floors is a very specialist task. The Topfloor Oscillating machines make this task a lot easier. The stability of the movement, the pressure and the performance make it reasonably easy to sand a wooden floor.


After sanding, the machine can be used to distribute and rub in various oils and waxes. A big advantage of the Topfloor Oscillating machines is that they cause less splashing. It is also possible to use the Diamond pads to mechanically seal the wood.

Type of floor Vervuiling Pad Weights
Wooden floors Light Soft Micro pad 2 to 3 sets
Heavy Hard Micro pad 2 to 3 sets



Type of floor Process Pad Weights
Wooden floors Sand lightly Stip Alu pad 4 Sets
Sand (in 1 step) Sia Sandpaper P100 4 to 6 sets
Sand (in 2 steps) 1) Sia Sandpaper P60
2) Sia Sandpaper P120
4 to 6 sets
(e.g. rubbing in oil)
Red or Pink 2 to 3 sets
Renovation (in 4 steps) 1) Sia Sandpaper P40
2) Sia Sandpaper P60
3) Sia Sandpaper P80
4) Sia Sandpaper P120
4 to 6 sets


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Renovation, Polishing and Maintenance of (Natural) Stone

Renovation, Polishing and Maintenance of (Natural) Stone with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…


The oscillating floor cleaner method is an extremely effective method for renovating, polishing and maintaining stone floors. It can be used to clean every type of stone floor. The method can be used to renovate, polish and clean all types of limestone. Examples include marble, Chinese hardstone, Belgian bluestone and terrazzo.

The oscillating floor cleaner method is a safe way of cleaning natural stone floors. Thanks to the effective movement, you only have to use water. You do not need to use any hazardous cleaning products.

A natural stone floor can only be renovated if the tiles are made of limestone. To be sure that the surface to be renovated is limestone, we recommend first performing an acid test on a part of the floor that is not easily visible. Make sure you have clean water and a dry microfibre cloth available. Apply one drop of descaler (pH 1 or 2) to an area which is out of sight. If the product immediately turns white, collect it straight away with the cloth and then rinse and clean the area with water. If the product turns white, you know that the surface is limestone and that it can, therefore, be renovated and polished. If it does not turn white, the oscillating floor cleaner method can only be used to clean the surface.

The last step in the renovation process is polishing. The oscillating floor cleaner method can be used to give the surface either a medium-gloss finish or a high-gloss finish.

After renovation, the floor can be cleaned every day using the pad that was last used during the renovation process. If the Diamond Green pad was used for finishing, then this pad should also be used for the daily cleaning of the floor. The pads are also available as 17” pads for use under a floor scrubber/drier. It is not necessary to use a cleaning product.


Type of floor Proces Pad Weights
All calcareous stone Normal (step 1, 3 – 6 times) Diamant pad White 4 sets
Normal (step 2, 3 – 6 times Diamant pad Yellow 4 sets
Normal (step 3, 3 – 6 times) Diamant pad Green 4 sets
Heavily contaminated/many scratches (3 – 6 times)

Diamant pad Red 4 sets
High gloss

Diamant Super Gloss 4 sets

Maintenance of renovated and polished surface (daily/weekly)

  • Pad laatste stap renovatie proces.
  • Of Diamand pad Green (zijdeglans)
  • Of Diamand Super Gloss (hoogglans)
2-4 sets
Periodic upgrade (3 – 6 times)

  •  Diamant pad Yellow
  • Diamant pad Green
4 sets


Use step 1 as the normal process. Then carry out the other 3 steps.
Carry out step 4 after the normal process.
It is not necessary to add a cleaning product.
For when the surface starts to become glazed, but does not have any deep scratches.

Top Stripping & Deep Stripping

Top Stripping & Deep Stripping with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…

Strip up to four times faster using the Excentr method! Thanks to the 2,800 movements per minute and the high pad pressure, both top stripping and deep stripping have never been easier. The oscillating floor cleaner method allows you to dry-strip floors or to strip floors using only water or a traditional stripping agent.

When dry-stripping, you undoubtedly want to avoid the dust. We recommend you use the oscillating floor cleaner Splash & Dust Guard in combination with the Dust Control Vacuum. It stops the dust from swirling around and it sucks up around 50% of the dust on the floor. In some cases, the dry method has many advantages over wet methods. You have to use the pads with added diamond or aluminium oxide for stripping.

In our opinion, the wet methods are the most efficient. You use a minimum amount of water and no stripping agent. This has many advantages: no expensive stripper, no risk of burning or discolouring the surface, no need to neutralize the floor, no slippery floor, etc. You can choose to wet the floor first or you can apply the water directly from the Solution Tank. This method has many advantages compared to dry-stripping. The pad rinses itself and remains sharper for longer. Also, the wax that is removed floats on the water and can easily be removed with a wet vacuum cleaner as long as the floor remains wet. You have to use the pads with added diamond or aluminium oxide to strip correctly when not using a stripping agent.

The third option is the traditional method of stripping, using a solution of water and stripper. With this method, the solution is applied to the floor and allowed to penetrate, after which a hard, traditional pad is used to strip the surface. The main advantages of this method are speed, ease of use and the shape of machine that can be used.

Extreme layering or edges
In the case of an extreme layering or edges, the floor can first be stripped/ground with an open-structure grinding disc. Depending on the layering, use 60/80 grit or 100 grit to remove the first layers of polymer. Try to remove approximately 80% of the polymer. Next, use the method given above to ensure that you do not damage the floor with the open-structure grinding disc.

In the case of edges, you can cut the open-structure grinding disc to size along the long side and fit it on a normal stripping pad. Next, use the long side of the machine (sideways) to work along the edge so that only the edge is abrasively treated using the open-structure grinding disc.

Work carefully when using the methods described above. The surface may be damaged if you strip too far using the rough and abrasive open-structure grinding discs.

Type of floor Stripping method Pad Weights
Linoleum, Marmoleum,
  •  Strip Alu Pad
  • Diamant pad White
2 to 3 sets


Type of floor Stripping method Pad Weights
  • Strip Alu Pad
  • Diamant Pad White
4 to 6 sets
Wet (only water)
  • Strip Alu pad 
  • Diamant Pad White 
4 to 6 sets
Wet (with stripper)
  •  Diamant pad Yellow 
  • Topfloor Extreem Pad 
 4 to 6 sets
Problem floors
First, remove 80% of the polymer with a 60/80 grit or 100 grit open-structure grinding disc. Then, remove the
other 20% using the method described above. Grind any extreme edges with a 60/80 grit or 100 grit open-structure
grinding disc. Weight: 4-6 sets.

Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

Cleaning & Deep Cleaning with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…


The oscillating floor cleaning method raises cleaning floors to a completely new level. The effectiveness is unprecedented thanks to the 2,800 circular movements a minute and the maximum pad pressure of 120 kg/265 lb. The machine can be used for both light and heavy-duty cleaning.

The oscillating floor cleaning method can also be used to deep-clean floors. Thanks to the small circular movements, the pads (mainly fibre pads and brushes) are able to better penetrate the surface. With every small movement of the pad, the sharp fibres penetrate the join or the structure, allowing deep and thorough cleaning of the floor.




Type of floor Contamination Pad Weights
Linoleum, marmoleum, pvc, vinyl, epoxy, tiles, coated floors etc. Light to moderate
  • Pink pad
  • Green pad
  • Diamond pad Green
2 to 3 sets
  • Diamond pad Yellow
  • Topfloor Extreme pad
3 to 4 sets
Matte or non-delicate floor surfaces Topfloor Magic pad

2 to 3 sets



Deep cleaning

Type of floor Contamination Pad Weights
Antiskid tiles, wood-look
PVC, tiles, every type of
floor with joints or an
uneven surface.
Light to moderate
  • Excentr fiber pad
  • Hard micro pad
2 to 3 sets
  • Topfloor Fiber pad
  • Topfloor Hard Brush
3 to 4 sets
Matte or non-delicate
floor surfaces
Topfloor Magic pad

2 to 3 sets



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Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine Rental

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine Rental

industrial warehouse & factory floor cleaning machines


Crescent Industrial – as the UK’s leading provider in the sale, hire, service, lease and rental of all sizes of industrial warehouse floor cleaning machines, ranging from a wide range of pedestrian, step-on and ride-on floor Scrubber Dryers & floor sweepers, and also industrial vacuum cleaners – “Creating Clean” in your workplace starts right here!

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